Born and raised in Ohio, but my passion for skiing and life in the High Sierra pulled me to Reno in 2017. My passion is creating beautiful things for awesome people. After working in-house at an agency for nearly 4 years, I branched out in 2020 to start my own studio. Elevated.Photos specializes in multimedia production including aerial photo/video, real estate promotion, corporate interview, portraits, and wedding videos.

When I’m not out capturing the beauty of the area for my great clients, you can find me sailing a mountain lake, mountain biking the Sierra, backpacking with my girlfriend and stellar dog, exploring the desert in my 1987 4Runner, or restoring the last antique that I fell in love with at a thrift store.

I’m passionate about everything that I work on and I’d love to bring that passion to YOUR next project. Let’s make something amazing together. Give me a call or drop me a message on my contact page and let’s talk about how we can elevate your project to the next level.